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  • Food Facts: nutrients and nutrition for different stages and ages, healthy eating, food labeling and advertising, nutrition facts table on packaged foods
  • Killing Food: food safety, food poisoning, trans fats, GMO, cancer-causing substances in food, artificial food additives (sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers) and other hidden ingredients or substances that can be harmful for your health
  • Healing Food: foods that can help cure different illnesses; foods that people with certain health conditions have to avoid; the eating pattern (amount and type of food) to reduced risk of chronic disease development
  • Food for Mood: foods that influence your mood
  • Food for Beauty: foods for a natural glow and against it
  • Food Myths: demystifying the food myths
  • Diets: pros and cons of different diets
  • Vegans: everything that vegans have to know about nutrition.
  • Food History: lessons from the past and interesting facts
  • Food Arts: food paintings, photography and décor

Depending on particular circumstances, almost every food can be healing or killing. The opposites like good and bad, yin and yang are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. The famous proverb says: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And it is right. On the other hand, apple fruit is one of the heavily pesticide-contaminated produce. And even if apples are organic, they can be as bad for your teeth as sweets or carbonated drinks and will not “keep the dentist away.”

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