Since Aphrodite’s time, throughout history, people have been searching for foods and drinks that could make romantic date more attainable and pleasurable – aphrodisiacs.  Food and sexuality have always been associated: oysters have been considered aphrodisiacs for centuries, and chocolates are a traditional gift for Valentine’s Day. In some cultures animal testicles are consumed to increase sexual potency. Cherry is a sensual and sexually symbolic food in many countries.

Classically, to be considered an aphrodisiac, a substance should:

  • Be taken orally
  • Reliably increase libido or sexual desire
  • Take effect in a relatively immediate time frame (minutes or hours, not days or weeks)
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Edible aphrodisiac has to work exactly like it is described in “Love Potion No. 9”, a song written in 1959 by lyricist Jerome “Jerry” Leiber and composer Mike Stoller. The potion causes a man to fall in love with everything he sees, kissing whatever is in front of him, eventually kissing a policeman on the street-corner, who breaks his bottle of Love Potion #9.

“Love Potion Number Nine”

I took my troubles down to Madame Ruth

You know that gypsy

With the gold cap tooth

She’s got a pad down at 34th and Vine

Sellin’ little bottles of

Love Potion #9

I told her that I was a flop with chicks

I been this way since 1956

She looked at my palm

And she made a magic sign

She said “Whatcha need is

Love Potion #9″

She bent down and turned around

And gave me a wink

She said I’m gonna make it up

Right here in the sink

It smelled like turpentine

And looked like India ink

I held my nose

I closed my eyes

I took a drink

I didn’t know if it was day or night

I started kissing everything in sight

But when I kissed a cop

Down at 34th and Vine

He broke my little bottle of

Love Potion #9

Does edible aphrodisiacs really work? Enjoy this artistic photography, sample these aphrodisiacs foods with your sweetie and see if the science holds true. Aphrodisiac is about belief: you might believe in it or might not, but it will not hurt to try.

Oysters have been considered the most notable aphrodisiac for ages, but only recently it was found that they are rich in zinc and amino acids that trigger production of sex hormones.

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Eating chili peppers makes you sweat, speeds up your heart and gives you a filing of happiness. Maybe because of association with how you feel when you’re aroused and also because of that red colour and shape, people consider chili pepper as aphrodisiac and a symbol of love? In fact, chili peppers stimulate endorphins – natural opioids that released from the pituitary gland of the brain during periods of strenuous exercise, emotional stress, pain, and orgasm.

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The word Avocado comes from an Aztec word ahuácatl meaning testicle. Legend says that it could be due to the avocado’s shape or the fact that it was considered to possess aphrodisiac qualities by the Aztecs.

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One can hardly count the number of scientific studies on coffee. Recently more good things have been discovered about this drink loved by many. One of them is that coffee could put women in the mood for sex, actually, the scent was found to be a key-player. The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that ups the heart rate and makes the blood flow, while alkaloids can help to maintain sexual performance and increase stamina.

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A newly found natural aphrodisiac, watermelon works by relaxing blood vessels, improving blood circulation in the genitals, just like Viagra but without many side effects associated with the drug. In its content, watermelon has two amino acids – lycopene and citrulline – that play key-roles in the process

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Artichoke is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which are critical to proper body function and blood flow. Tough on the outside and soft on the inside, artichokes are well versed in the game of hard-to-get, but their history as an aphrodisiac is mostly due to mythology and the intimacy of eating it with another, pulling off the leaves to reach the center.

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