How often do you go travelling around the world?

With the passion of visiting and finding new places, travelling is exciting (obviously) but what if you have to suffer from some chronic disease amidst your fun? Even travellers cannot ignore the body call and the attention they need. Like any other person, you may suffer from backaches or diabetes and such.

But when it comes to eating, you have to be extra careful about your journeys. It might so happen you are allergic to something, and sure enough, you don’t want to spoil your adventure with a spoon of something you had a debate, to eat or not to eat, right?

Coeliac friendly food options in Cambridge

Gluten may ruin the fun if you are not careful

Our body is sensitive regardless of our daily regimes. Especially during travelling, you have to make sure you do not consume anything that can cause you serious trouble. Many people are intolerant to gluten infused food. The nature of the disease is as such that one is unable to digest the food that leads to damage to the small intestine. Well, just so you are familiar with the exact term, it is called Celiac disease.

Cambridge is home for all foodies

If you are having a mini adventure on Cambridge limo around the town, don’t be surprised by various eateries, chalets and cafes. There are several bed and breakfasts, ice cream parlours and some of the best gluten-free foods served in restaurants.

Being a close-knit community, every person, even a tourist, is taken care of by all means. So let’s put together a list of coeliac friendly food options served in best-reviewed restaurants so far.

Coeliac friendly food options in Cambridge


On special occasions, when you are visiting Cambridge with your family or close group of friends who love to explore food from various regions, this Indian restaurant might do the trick. The menu is fantastic, economical and quick customer service.

Although Indian food is popular for the use of rich spices, most are vegetarians, so you easily accommodate your taste with any meal from the menu. The vegetarian menu is a kick start for you and is full of healthy nutrition.

Coeliac friendly food options in Cambridge


Seafood anyone?

If you have travelled across Europe, you must have come through well-bred food places famous for their plates of seafood. But when in Canada, every place seems to have its own specialty. With the highest rating, this is one of the best options for a gluten-free restaurant in Cambridge. If you are planning to bring yourself a date for the upcoming Valentine or an occasion’s call for a perfect candlelight dinner, then booking Cambridge airport limo is just not enough. Start the night with a perfect ride to the perfect restaurant.

A gluten-free menu is a kick start for the customers here. So you can order anything off the menu without the worry of getting your partner sick.

The Cambridge Chop House

If you do happen to be driving through King’s Parade, you will come across a strongly reviewed restaurant serving hot steaks and meat portions. The best part of the menu is that they have a proper gluten-free menu planned!

So it does not jut a single dish anymore, it’s an entire menu with various flavours of steaks for meat lovers to try. One of the British Classics and lean mean cuts, this restaurant reflects the flavours with seasons. Make sure to visit the place with an English vibe and ambience.

Coeliac friendly food options in Cambridge

Smoke Works

Another option for an array of meaty options is a restaurant with an almost gluten-free menu. A perfect blend of seasoned sauce to go with flawlessly cooked meat courses is everyone’s favourite. If you are in the mood for a comfortable lunch with friends or even on a solo trip to Cambridge, at the day’s end this is the right option for you to try.

Food is a real treat for customers, with efficient customer service and hot dosage of sprinkled herbs on the steaks and chops and well the list goes on. You won’t have to worry about any gluten in the food.

Food for thought

See? It’s not that hard to find gluten-free food options in Cambridge at all! Once you travel or visit the city you can try any one of them off the charts menu and relish in the dish of your dreams.

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